Traveling from Lolo National Forest, up and over Garnet Range, a great start to a backcountry route that weaves through more than a dozen outstanding Montana ghost towns.

Rails have been pulled but the route is one of America’s premier rail-to-trails for motorized and hiking-biking - the last continental line that survived the “Golden Era” of railroad.

Retracing prehistoric Sandstone Canyon, Borrego Badland trails and routes used by Juan Bautista de Anza in Spanish 1776 Expedition, and the 1859 Great Southern Overland Stage.

Exploring 1880’s Old Dale Gold trails to the bolder-strewn mystical Joshua Tree National Park, down Berdoo Canyon, out to Truckhaven’s articulation-testing trenches, steep hills and drop-offs.

Retracing ancient trails, including Mojave Road that got its start as a prehistoric footpath, later used as part of the 1857 Beale Wagon road linking east and west.

Titus Canyon, across Racetrack Playa, over Lippencott Pass, 7500’ up Inyo Mountain Pass to Cero Godo Mine, up Panamint Valley, over Emigrant Pass to 20-mule train route to Echo Pass.

Dreams of discovery and instant riches started a rush of adventurers 175 years ago; Charles Fremont 1844 expedition, the California Trail, Overland Stage and Pony Express Trail.

Route passes three of Idaho’s biggest gold strikes, all magnificent mountain and river regions; eighteen different scenic river valleys through untouched wilderness and remote deserts.

Retracing wagon roads and abandoned rail-beds to some of the best preserved and authentic old west towns including Virginia City, the best living ghost town in America – hands down.

Expedition starts in northern Montana and takes a toe-dip into Idaho Panhandle to explore the trails and relics of two stampedes; 1886 West Fisher and 1884 Murray Gold Rush.