American Old West Expedition

ABOUT ME: For the last nine years, I have been on a quest; discovering a near-all-dirt route across America. Not dirt for the sake of dirt. I set my sights on exhilarating and storied trails that travel through the heart of America’s Old West. These old routes continue to provide access to remote wilderness areas that otherwise would be inaccessible. Yes, the trails are most often unmaintained, overgrown and sometimes barley visible, making them that much more appealing as they add mystery and challenge to route finding.

I chose to celebrate my retirement by traveling all of the pre-scouted segments in one continuous journey. Old West relics added interest along the 4750 mile/7650 km, 35 day solo expedition, but the biggest reward was the remoteness, solitude and beauty of the frontier outback in MT, ID, NV and CA.

Creating this photo-journal lets me relive the expedition, and share it with like-minded enthusiasts, including the colourful roots of the route. I want to use my blog to exchange techniques for route research and planning, vehicle preperation as well as promoting the importance of traveling without leaving a trace, respecting private property and trail closures.

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