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Old West Routes

Use the Route tab to explore options by desired time and pace on the trail.  

Our Scouting Reports & GPS Tracklogs retrace the paths blazed to old west frontiers by early pioneers and prospectors. They left an ideal overland explores playground in their wake; remote pack trails, wagon roads, water routes, ghost towns, boom camp survivors, mine relics, colorful history and a spirit for adventure that inspires. 

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North American Overland Journeys

Location tabs are the fastest way to find geographic regions of interest and interconnected trails.

All of our Scout Reports and GPS Tracklogs flow continuously from one interesting region to another, state-to-state, province-to-province, nation-to-nation using as little pavement as possible, and when we do, it tends to be byways versus freeways.

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Go Deeper: Foot, Bike, Horseback & Watercraft

For many, self-reliant vehicle overlanding is the adventure. Others Go Deeper. 

All our Scouting Expeditions provide opportunity to hike, bike and backpack. Many routes also provide equestrian and watercraft journey extensions. We’ve flagged some favorites to inspire you to take your overland adventure to another level.

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Explore what fascinates you the most.

Every Scouting Expedition is researched to travel through Old West Frontiers rich with interesting trails, tales and relics. 

The roar of the rush has subsided, but imprints linger; ghost towns, abandoned rails turned to trails, surviving boomtowns that retain the charm of yesteryear continue to outfit today’s adventurers with supplies, historical lodging and spirits. Look deeper, and you will find signs of Native America.

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Choose Your Pace & Challenge

As most of our Scouting Expedition GPS Tracklogs are interlinked, the base route is most often Easy or Moderate, but we explore Difficult options along the way. Some can be overgrown and sometimes barley visible, making them that much more appealing for those looking to build that into thier own adventure. Three broad categories are used but beware, what is Easy today can be Difficult tommorow, due to environmental conditions (see Go Prepared). 

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Get Lost in the Journey

One of the greatest pleasures associated with 4WD vehicle overlanding is the ability to wander at will, as one trail leads to another in a maze of options. However, advance research can help you explore routes that fascinate you the most and can make the most of your time.

There is nothing wrong with using a map and compass for guidance. In fact, you should always have them with you. But GPS technology and affordable mapping software really empower you to free-flow and always have a sense of where you are, at all times.


“Not All Who Wander Are Lost”

 JRR Tolkien

One of the greatest pleasures associated with four-wheel drive vehicle overlanding is the ability to wander at will, as one trail leads to another in a maze of options. But experience has shown that it can be very easy to get lost (albeit that can be part of the adventure).

There is nothing wrong with using a map and compass. In fact, you should always have them with you. But GPS technology and affordable mapping software really empower you to free-flow and have a sense of where you are, at all times or when you want to know. If you prefer to use maps only, our Scouting Reports include historical and current maps, as well as tons of reference photos to help you find the scenery, terrain, activities and relics that fascinate you most. 


Our Free Scouting Reports & Pictorial Slideshows Come With A GPS Tracklog You Can Use With: 

Computers, iPad, iPhone, Android & Dedicated GPS Devices

All iPhones, GPS enabled iPad and Android, and of course, dedicated GPS devices can be used without cell phone signal and associated fees, as they feed of GPS satellites directly (just make sure you shut off your Data Roaming). Load our tracklog on your computer and mapping software or Google Earth to get familair with a region and to help plan your own route.  

Topographic Mapping & Tracking Software Has Never Been More Affordable

Use our free GPX Tracklog files on any device or software of your choice to research and help plan your own route. Such mapping software as GaiaGPS lets you download all the maps you need for a one-time fee of $20.00 for iPad/ iPhone and Android devices. Even if you don't use our GPS Tracklogs as part of your reseach you will never find a cheaper source of USGS and Candian Maps for your own research and print-outs if you prefer not to use GPS on your expeditions. 

Tracking Where You Are At/Want To Go – In Real Time, Is Now Much Easier

Simply download the maps of the area you will be traveling and you can track where you are at on the trail, in real time, as you travel on or off our your research and planned route. You can customize routes by adding optional exploration waypoints in advance or as you go.

Expect The Unexpected

Knowing where you’re at all times and in real-time is empowering. If you use our Scouting Report/Tracklog to help research your own route, plan on running into the unexpected. In addtion to printed maps, GPS is one of the tools you use to return the way you came or plan a new route around the barrier encountered, on the fly.  Click for Go Prepared.

Record, Save & Share Your Tracks

Most current mapping software packages allow you to record your trip for future use or to share it by saving the tracklog and waypoints of your trip as a GPX file that you can share in such communities as Expedition Portal, EveryTrail or e-mailed to friends that can view it on their own device and in Google Earth. Must Come To An End

It is with a heavy heart that we must advise our supporters that we are forced to close the Overland Frontier website. While the site was only open for one year, we started development many years earlier. Since that time the importance of a mobile friendly website has increased. We hope we can be back one day, with a new and improved resource for overland routes. We have so many more Treks, Journeys and Expeditions that we did not have time to showcase. We are anxious to find a new mobile-friendly channel to share these routes with other enthusiasts and we are open to ideas and partners; contact

In the meantime follow our expeditions on Facebook